Tuesday, June 24, 2008

First Post


This is my first post, and I'm very excited about this blog. Having studied public health and anthropology as an undergraduate, trained and worked as a public health doula and breastfeeding educator, worked in a breastfeeding-oriented store, and now beginning my master's in public health with a focus on maternal & child health (whew!) - I have a lot to say!  I've posted a lot of thoughts on my personal blog, but want to put them in a dedicated place. 

I also want this to be a spot where I post news about reproductive health, women's health, and birth/breastfeeding, and a space to reflect on what I'm learning and doing in my graduate program. As the reader, I hope YOU get information to help take control of your reproductive health, learn more about all these topics, and share back with me stories, links, and information.

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