Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Home On the Breast (a breastfeeding song)

At a singalong, my mother ran into a guy who had written a breastfeeding song. Given my interest, she asked him to send along the lyrics. I enjoyed it - I especially love the chorus - so here it is:

Home On The Breast (sung to the tune of Home On The Range)
written by Steve Baggish as "channelled" by 8 month old son, Eli

Oh give me some food,
I don't mean to sound rude,
But I'm hungry and cranky and tired.
You've got what I want,
You're a fine restaurant,
And there's no reservations required!

Home, home on the breast,
Where the love and the milk are expressed,
On the left or the right,
In the day or the night,
That's the place I like hanging out best.

I must think somehow
You're a magical cow,
You've been there since the time of my birth.
So give me one sip,
Or just one little nip,
And I'll milk you for all that you're worth! (CHORUS)

Someday I'll grow up,
And I'll drink with a cup,
And I'll eat with a fork and a knife.
But please don't be sad,
I'll be just like my dad,
And love breasts for the rest of my life! (CHORUS)

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