Friday, June 26, 2009

Pregnancy and birth stories, pictures, linky goodness

Pregnancy and natural childbirth from a father's perspective. It's a nice perspective, gently poking fun at some things he's surprised but generally curious and open-minded.

These are just beautiful pictures from labor and birth.

Beautiful vintage breastfeeding poster!

A baby born in the caul, under water! If it's true that babies born in the caul are specially gifted, then there are few babies in this country getting that gift these days...

Singing in labor - much as I'd like to imagine someday singing beautiful music all through labor, since I can't sing it now I think I'll have to abandon that dream!

Another nice birth story with lovely pictures. I especially like the one of the dad cuddling his newborn skin-to-skin.

As I've said before, I'm trying to post the positive and beautiful - not just the maddening and intolerable. I hope these links provide some uplift :-) (Along with the new bras you're buying, right?)

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