Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday night movie

I have a lot of posts that I want to write, am writing, or am revising. But in the meantime the end of the semester is coming up, and I have to remind myself that I don't get any credit for blogging! (Darn.)

In the meantime, here's a beautiful movie of a baby born underwater and in the caul (with the amniotic sac still not ruptured).

(Via Birth Routes.

As somewhat off-topic side note: You can see the baby hanging out for a while after the head is out, until a midwife reaches in to help bring the body out. While this baby does not to my eyes seem to have anything resembling shoulder dystocia, seeing this patience and willingness to wait for the body made me think about shoulder dystocia...this is pursuant to a birth I was at recently. I'd like to learn more about the importance of when and how it's "diagnosed" and whether attendants give baby the opportunity to rotate properly before becoming aggressive.

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