Monday, December 7, 2009


I wrote once before about Keith Roberts, the first male doula certified by DONA. Here's another profile:

“This is the most important tool, this crock pot. It’s a towel heater,” he says. “It has been to 149 hospital births in the last 14 years.”

The soft-spoken, silver-haired 66-year-old tends to the laboring woman’s pain to free up her partner to pile on the emotional TLC. His massaging hands and hot towels lessen the need for drugs.

“I can’t take all the pain away,” he says, “but enough so it’s OK.”

It almost sounds too good to be true. Are you thinking what I’m thinking: “Where was this guy when I needed him?”

Male or female, bring a doula to your birth!!

Side note: the article makes mention that Vince Vaughan is developing a movie called "Male Doula" (not based on Roberts). No good can come of this!

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