Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday morning reading: Free articles from Breastfeeding Medicine

The journal Breastfeeding Medicine is offering two weeks of free online access to these three new articles, all touching on themes of women's attitudes towards infant feeding and predictors of infant feeding decisions. I found the last one to be the most thought-provoking, because of the finding that "comfort with formula feeding" was so highly predictive of intention. I would love to see more research exploring what that means to women, and how it plays out in infant feeding decisions. If you have a chance to read through these, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Early Exclusive Breastfeeding and Maternal Attitudes Towards Infant Feeding in a Population of New Mothers in San Francisco, California
Authored By: J.M. Wojcicki, R. Gugig, C. Tran, S. Kathiravan, K. Holbrook, and M.B. Heyman

What Do Pregnant Low-Income Women Say About Breastfeeding?
Authored By: A. Alexander, D. Dowling, and L. Furman

Comfort with the Idea of Formula Feeding Helps Explain Ethnic Disparity in Breastfeeding Intentions Among Expectant First-Time Mothers
Authored By: L.A. Nommsen-Rivers, C.J. Chantry, R.J. Cohen, and K.G. Dewey


V. Wetlaufer said...

I found your blog searching "why I want to be a doula" and I love it! I am in the process of becoming a doula, and your posts definitely helped clarify for myself and my mom (who thinks I'm crazy) why I want to do this, even though I'm a poet in an English PhD program. I explained that the two are not mutually exclusive and that anyone can be a doula. So thanks for your wonderful posts and for being a doula cheerleader!

Rebecca said...

I'm glad you enjoy my blog! So many people are doulas and ______. You can go for it with perfect confidence that there's no reason your PhD and doula work can't mix and influence each other, and nothing wrong with them being totally separate either. Good luck!!