Monday, April 12, 2010

Dad demonstrates sling technique

Shoot this one at all the young hip dads who want to use slings (right after they gently kiss on their newborn baby's head, yes this is adorable):

I especially love how he tucks her hand in at the end. "Hm, where does this go?"

Via Offbeat Mama, who said it made her ovaries "shoot out [her] nose". Very nice.


Molly said...

A) I LOOOOVE seeing videos and photos of men doing normal parenting things (babywearing, diapering, whatever).

B) I should not (have to) be so enthusiastic about seeing the day-to-day reality of my own family reflected in images of parenting. Not to mention basic acknowledgements of men's competence as parents, and ability to do the work of parenting. Oh well. Sweet video!

Emily, Anthro Doula said...

Awwww! Its SO CUTE!

ami-b said...

*groooaaaan* my ovaries!!