Monday, June 21, 2010

Doulas, what do you give your clients?

Another doula practice question! I'm working on a packet of info for future doula clients. I haven't done this before but it seems like a nice resource to give. I'd like them to have local breastfeeding resources (e.g. support groups), general parenting resources (e.g. organized playgroups, places to get low-cost services/baby needs), and a few info sheets from me - on things like writing the birth plan, thinking about your options in labor, etc. What else is helpful? Doulas, what do you give your clients (if anything)? If you've used a doula, what information did you get, or would have liked to get?


Jamie said...

My handouts are:

"When to call the doula"

"What to bring to the hospital"

"Am I in labor?"

and a list of local breastfeeding/other postpartum resources.

Anonymous said...

I have worked both as a labor doula and postpartum doula. My training through DONA has provided me with handouts. Some are in the DONA training handbooks, others lifted from the Suggested Reading List, and others given to me by a lactation consultant, or other doula. I've even given couples chapters from Penelope Leach's "Your Baby & Child". I plan to make many of my handouts available on my website, unless the author has reserved copyright. Dr. Jack Newman has wonderful articles, I am posting many of them to my website, too.

Sarah said...

Some doulas here in Montreal provide documents in a work-book type format. Parents get articles on healthy pregnancy, hospital protocol and medical interventions, pain management, relief and their various methods, physiological birth, lactation, and the post-partum period.