Tuesday, October 26, 2010

On the road

Posting lull as I'm on the road - visiting family and friends, then heading to a wedding. Welcome to any of you finding this blog through Facebook - one of my favorite posts on "trying" to have a natural birth is making the rounds, I see!

More posts when I get home again, including (maybe? could it be?) the end of my MPH series.

In the meantime, enjoy some talk about women's bodies and the responsibility society places on women to police their own sexuality:

The lesson, ladies, is that great cleavage comes with great responsibility. People who shame women for wearing “too-revealing” clothes like to center their objections on women’s clothing “choices,” but make no mistake—this is not about what we choose. This is about the things we don’t choose—having chests or butts or legs or necks or hair or any other part of our human bodies that others decide to project their particular sexual interests—and their slut-shaming—upon. The man who is horrified at a woman’s “overly exposed” breasts will likely never have to worry about wearing one shirt—one shirt out of a lifetime of shirts—that happens to accidentally set off some random person’s slut meter, because of the way his body just is. And because my breasts are smaller, less visible, less imposing than other women’s breasts—because there’s less boob there—I can feel free to wear the more revealing top without attracting claims of public obscenity. It seems that some women’s bodies are just naturally sluttier than other women’s bodies—and all women’s bodies are naturally sluttier than men’s bodies.

This is also about the things we "choose", like "choosing" to breastfeed, which is a normal and physiological part of mothering, having all this same b.s. projected on them. It's a shame we ladies are just so normally and physiologically slutty.

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