Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Breastfeeding links

To get some links out of the way that have been piling up, and to celebrate my new IBCLC certification, a breastfeeding link party:

Normal Newborn Behavior, and Why Breastmilk Isn't Just Food" from the Lakeshore Medical Clinic

The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine conference was last week - you can read conference updates and winners of their "clinical pearl" contest at their blog. (One of my favorites: "Give baby until 4 days past his due date to get the hang of breastfeeding." Not that you should give up on a baby after 4 days, but that with moms who are easily discouraged and with our epidemic of slightly early babies, this is a good target date to keep people moving forward until everyone catches on.)

Elita at Blacktating on whether her birth experience set her up to fail at breastfeeding. (Check out the comments for a lot of personal stories from others with the same question.)

The Motherwear Breastfeeding blog posts an ad to educate women in India about the importance of colostrum. (I love all the women going from store to store asking to buy colostrum!)

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Khalida said...

Hi there. I randomly came across your blog, and I absolutely love it. I just recently made the decision to get into public health as well, after years of debating. I'm really passionate about it and am always on the lookout for insights ino the fiel from like-minded people. I'm going to be a regular visitor. Cheers!