Thursday, April 28, 2011

AmeriCorps doula job posting

As I noted in my post on AmeriCorps doula opportunities, I don't generally have any info about what's currently out there. AmeriCorps programs and positions are constantly changing and I don't even know what's happening with my old program, much less anyone else's! But I have a friend looking for AmeriCorps positions in Seattle right now and she sent me this posting:

Member Duties : Two positions are offered for members who will train as a Birthing Doula with Seattle Midwifery School. Members will then serve as part of Seattle's MSS Department providing pre and post labor education as well as labor support to clients who lack a support system. This position requires independence, sensitivity, a willingness to work independently, and the ability to handle a demanding on-call schedule as well as bilingualism in Spanish and English. To learn more about the role of a Doula visit IN ORDER TO COMPLETE YOUR AMERICORPS APPLICATION, PLEASE COMPLETE AND SUBMIT THE SUPPLEMENTAL QUESTIONS LOCATED ON THE SEA MAR WEBSITE. These questions can be found by clicking to, then pulling down the menu "Jobs", clicking on "AmeriCorps" and clicking to "How To Apply".

Program Benefits :
Childcare assistance if eligible , Education award upon successful completion of service , Health Coverage , Living Allowance , Training .

Terms :
Permits attendance at school during off hours , Permits working at another job during off hours .

Service Areas :
Community Outreach , Education , Health

Just reading the job description brought back such wonderful memories of my work as an AmeriCorps doula! I still describe that job as, hands down, the best job I ever had. If you're interested, go for it! (I promise my friend won't be competing with you... she's more interested in estuarine ecology.)


Arual said...

Oh my goodness, I would LOVE to get that Americorps position. I haven't seen anything like that in Utah though. =(

Susan said...

I started to apply for that one awhile back and then realized that it would not be payment enough to be worth the cost of relocating to the other side of the country. :( Maybe someday something will crop up a little closer to home, when we're a little more financially stable. I'm glad you posted this, though, because I've been keeping my eyes open for AmeriCorps doula opportunities ever since your original post about where/how to find them.

Rebecca said...

An AmeriCorps job will almost never be pay enough to compensate moving, or the money you could make otherwise! Yet almost everyone on my team came from hundreds or thousands of miles away... not everyone can afford to move/take an AC position, but it's the experience you get in return that is worth the $$.