Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July link party!

So many starred posts in my Google Reader! So much to share!

Science and Sensibility interviews Dr. Michael Lu on preconception care. Oh, does this warm my MCH public health heart! This man has done such amazing research and I am so excited to see his work getting connected to the birth advocacy communities via S&S:

Allen Rosenfield probably 30 years ago asked the question, “Where is the ‘M’ in MCH?” Where’s the “mother” in maternal and child health programs–because much of MCH has focused on children’s health and much less on maternal health. I think the question we’re asking today is where’s the ‘W’ in MCH—where’s the woman in maternal and children’s health? If we really want to improve maternal and child health in this country, we really have to start by improving women’s health. [Emphasis mine because this is SO IMPORTANT!]

I think it’s pretty much in alignment with what you’re saying; it’s not just about childbirth. If the natural childbirth movement is all about natural childbirth, it doesn’t have the kind of impact that it could have. The focus should really be on promoting women’s health over their life course continuum and how we would be a better society for doing that.

And he talks about reproductive life plans! Be still, my beating heart! Part One is here, Part Two is here, and I am eagerly awaiting Part Three!

The Gates Foundation did a blog series on stillbirth to accompany the publication of the Lancet stillbirth series.

From the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine blog, a report from the Third Annual Summit on Breastfeeding.

Yup, US maternity leave policy really sucks.

Birth Sense talks induction for premature rupture of membranes when the mother is GBS positive - is it necessary? How soon does it need to happen?

Educational website on tongue tie, including a PowerPoint presentation to help train other doctors perform clips. The best part is lots of photos - there is nothing like seeing photos of tongue ties to help learn which type you are looking at and what are the more subtle signs of a tie. Crossing my fingers that this website helps more practitioners learn about and be willing to clip ties that are interfering with breastfeeding. I found the site via the Kellymom FB page where there are many stories of mothers struggling to find someone who will clip. (A post on tongue ties is coming soon in my breastfeeding-tips-for-doulas series.)

NPR's the Baby Project blogs about doulas! Check out the comments for stories from grateful moms who used doulas!

Another hand expression video. This one uses a similar although slightly different technique to the Jane Morton/Stanford technique, with the fingers slightly closer to the areola. It also shows breasts where the milk is in and engorgement is past. If you want to listen to awesome Norwegian, click on the first video; otherwise, scroll down for the second video with narration in English.

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