Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A few links to start the New Year

Happy New Year! Here is a total mishmash (not even sorted! only sort of related!) of interesting links for your enjoyment. It feels good to start clearing out my starred list in Google Reader, at least!

Many perspectives on why to have a doula for your homebirth (and a few on why you might not have one).

Doulas serving the expat community (as well as locals) in South Korea

The Well-Rounded Mama posts a list of obesity and birth/breastfeeding research on her Christmas wish list. Any public health peeps out there want to get on it?

The amazing Cathy Genna has a page on tongue tie including pictures and posterior tongue ties.

One mother's struggle with getting her daughter's tongue tie (and lip tie) properly diagnosed and treated - she ended up traveling to Dr. Kotlow to get treatment. "My prayer is that it will not always be this difficult for tongue-tied babies and their mothers. It should not require so much time and so many resources to simply feed your baby."

Interesting and varied responses
to the updated UK guidelines on c-section availability.

Knit your own baby-wearing coat extender!

A post on cultural issues and breastfeeding, specifically on diet. My preferred way to deal with this (right now) so as not to contradict any breastfeeding cultural traditions: when people ask me if there are foods they should eat/not eat, I say "Every culture seems to have their own foods that they say are good or bad!" and then I name some examples. Hispanic mothers are often surprised to hear that Americans think broccoli is bad, for instance. I say "If there are foods that your culture thinks are good or bad, then go ahead and do what is recommended. Unless you hate the food! Then you don't have to eat it."

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