Monday, March 2, 2009

Eating in labor

Eating during labor is safe and is important to help maintain a mother's energy.

Two responses:

1) Uh, yeah, obviously. But thanks for the evidence!

2) Let's see whether this changes the policy of a single hospital.

I was once with a mom who was so starved during labor that she talked about it while she was pushing, and as soon as she had her baby, she sent her husband out for Taco Bell and then ate a bag full when he brought it back. Imagine being so hungry at the birth of your baby that you think more about food than the fact you're about to meet your child! I was happier to see another mom (a nurse by profession) sneak a Snickers during an induction (I looked the other way). It's sad that women have to either sneak food or starve in labor.

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