Thursday, April 23, 2009

Article on hypnobirthing

I really like this reporter's tale of her birth assisted by hypnobirthing techniques, in part because she spends relatively little time on the birth itself. Instead she discusses her wish to avoid her region's 45%(!) cesarean rate and how she had to "break up" with two different OB practices (actually, one broke up with her) before finding a doctor she trusted. I wish more women were unafraid to leave their OBs when they realize it's not a match! I love how she notes that her doctor never told her to push - even the most calm and non-interventive care providers so often ramp things up at pushing time.

Since I did my hypnodoula training I've been so interested in attending a birth that uses these techniques! I'll be in another city this summer for a (very) full-time practicum for my master's, but I hope when I get back in the fall I'll be able to offer my services to some parents in the area who are doing HypnoBabies classes. It just seems like such an empowering birth technique.

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