Thursday, April 16, 2009

New blog I love

I'm so excited about this new blog, Nursing Birth. It's by an L&D nurse and she's started a great series called "Don't Let This Happen to You!" based on real stories of patients she's cared for.

Her first story is a great one, about induction for "low amniotic fluid". What happens next isn't surprising, but the conclusion is! Read it here:
Part 1
Part 2

Her second story is also an induction story (find out what a "back door" induction is) and only half done:
Part 1

I'm so much looking forward to the rest of her stories. I love how they show not just a nurse who isn't afraid to advocate for patients, but that she also discusses how patients can (or could) advocate for themselves. Based on all the comments on her posts (including from doulas like me wishing we worked with more nurses like her!) it's clear that nurses like this are in the minority. So in the absence of more, tips on where patients can step in are invaluable.

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