Friday, August 28, 2009

Journey to IBCLC begins!

I had my first class today for my IBCLC training. So excited! I will have 6 hours observation with the LCs in the hospital Wednesdays, 2 hours of lecture on Fridays, and need to find 2 more hours each week somewhere for observation - either LLL meetings, working with private LCs, or extending my hospital day. First semester we'll be focusing on supporting normal breastfeeding with healthy term infants, and doing mostly observation. Second semester we will move into special situations, and be more hands on. I think the long observation period will be great for me - reminding me to step back, stay quiet, look and listen. It was also a relief to hear the first lecture from one of our professors, who said "Your ideal this year is to do nothing" and talked about the dangers of overmedicalizing breastfeeding, and how to support moms by focusing on what they are doing right, and supporting them to make their own decisions about what to change.

One thing I realized while looking at my schedule is that it will be difficult for me to work with anyone more than once, and get experience with managing a case over time. Hopefully next semester, when my schedule is more flexible, I can make arrangements for at least a couple of weeks to work sets of shorter hours with an LC who does longer-term follow-up.

In the meantime, my textbook is on its way and my first observation hours are next week! I have to remind myself that even though I am going to be crazy busy this semester, I am lucky to have the things that are making me busy (classes for my MPH degree, my assistantship that is funding my tuition, an hours to become an LC). I don't want to feel stressed or resentful, when in truth I am so fortunate.

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