Sunday, August 23, 2009

A subway car full of nursing moms

A New York State Senator and a subway car full of nursing moms took the A train recently in support of breastfeeding and the right to nurse in public:

State Senator Liz Krueger (D-Manhattan) joined the New York City Breastfeeding Promotion Leadership Committee (NYCBPLC) today for their annual Breastfeeding Subway Caravan. The Subway Caravan began in 2004 as a means to highlight the importance of breastfeeding and reinforce a women's right to breastfeed wherever they have a right to be. The focus of this year's Caravan is the passage of Senator Krueger's Breastfeeding Bill of Rights (S1674-D). The legislation codifies mothers' rights to breastfeed into a single, concise document and bans commercial interests from influencing new mothers' choice of breastfeeding.

I wish the last part referred to a ban on formula gift bags in hospitals, but it's just a right to refuse the gift bags - maybe to prevent women from being pressured to "just take it in case you need it". Read more on the Senator's website here.

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