Friday, October 2, 2009

Beautiful breastfeeding PSA from Puerto Rico!

Breastfeeding public information broadcast from Puerto Rico, "Dar la teta es dar vida" ("To 'give the breast' (breastfeed) is to give life"):

I love how this shows moms nursing toddlers and older children, not just babies. So many women seem to have this idea that breastfeeding should end as soon as baby turns a year (or even less). This is a lovely way to show that the breastfeeding relationship can continue as long as both participants are enjoying it. If we can normalize toddler nursing, we've got it made!

Puerto Rico may be part of the U.S., but it's clearly a long way ahead of us when it comes to breastfeeding PSAs (although their breastfeeding rates are not very different, according to the scant statistics I could find.) I wonder what the reaction was there when it was broadcast?

The video was originally posted by the makers here here, and the notes at the right side of the screen give more information about the song, the production team, toddler nursing, and more. Unfortunately it's been flagged as "inappropriate" (puh-lease!) so you have to sign in to get to it. (I linked to a repost that has fortunately not been flagged, let's hope it stays that way.)

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