Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nestle-free week, Oct 26-Nov 1

Angela at Breastfeeding 1-2-3 posts about how you can join the Nestle boycott this Halloween season. She has some excellent links including why you should consider boycotting Nestle, and what products are Nestle products (short answer: a lot).

Even if you're not able or prepared to boycott Nestle 52 weeks a year, consider joining the boycott for this week...especially when considering candy purchases. Which can't be that hard, because they don't sell Snickers or Milky Way or 3 Musketeers or Almond Joy or...mmm, I'm getting distracted just thinking about Halloween!

(Side note: Speaking of Halloween, my department is doing group costumes again this year. Last year we were all different forms of contraception (I went as the Pill). This year we are flu-related costumes - Spanish flu, swine flu, etc. I'm going as the flu vaccine, which could be scary depending on your take on vaccines and/or giant syringes. Is anyone else out there doing a health-related costume/theme?)

I haven't been great about avoiding Nestle products in the past, but looking at Crunchy Domestic Goddess' list, I actually think it wouldn't be so hard to cut out the Nestle products I do sometimes purchase: PowerBars (I stick them in my doula bag, but there are lots of other brands), certain cosmetics (since I probably buy make-up once every two years), and bottled water (again not often, but sometimes when I'm traveling or at an outdoor event). So I think I can go all Nestle-free long-term if I keep an eye out! I'll admit shopping at Trader Joe's makes this easier because they have so many of their own store brands.

Let me know if you're boycotting Nestle this week! And enjoy all those mini-Snickers! Mmmmm...

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Sheridan said...

We are boycotting for the week too! No Wonka candy for us!