Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday night movie (trailer)

I've been looking at clips from a documentary currently being filmed about Maternidad La Luz. I first heard of Maternidad La Luz through a student several years ahead of me in undergrad, who did her own version of "junior year abroad" to become a midwife in Maternidad La Luz's One-Year Program. (At least as cool as partying somewhere in Europe!) After that, she returned to college and wrote her senior thesis summarizing her experience and evaluating a model for childbirth education, which I then found, read, and was amazed by.

Since then I've met several people who interned or trained at Maternidad La Luz, and sounds awesome! Watching the clips from the documentary, it looks awesome too. The homelike setting, the quiet chatter and bustle of life going on in the background, the gentle care by the midwives. I especially loved listening to their fluent "vagina Spanish" (as a nurse once termed her highly labor-focused language skills!) - it brought me back to my time in Denver, where at least half of our doula clients were Spanish-speaking only, and we did so many breastfeeding consults in Spanish that it felt strange to do one in English. I heard that familiar cadence of the phrase you've asked a hundred times - "Como le va con el dar el pecho?" "Se siente presiĆ³n?" etc.

I'm looking forward to the whole documentary - I hope it will be out soon.

Thanks to my classmate and fellow LC trainee Jenna for the link!

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