Saturday, February 13, 2010

Link party!

First of all, Happy Olympics! I am so excited. I love the Olympics. My department had an Olympics party last night - come as your favorite athlete, sport, or country. We had everything from Brian Boitano to bobsledding to several people all in white ("Winter") and one Olympic torch. I was Sweden, which is a good Winter Olympics country to pick.

I've been trying to come up with some kind of play on words with the Olympics starting, Olympic rings, the rings are linked, links...I think I'm trying too hard. So let's just say that my Google Reader starred list is becoming too long to contemplate, and that it's time for a link party. I've been saving some of these up thinking "I'll write a post on this!" but the truth is, I might or might not eventually, and in the meantime why let the starred list get longer?

Academic review article on the risks of not breastfeeding for mothers and infants, and the role of obstetricians and hospitals in breastfeeding promotion. A very nice summary.

Via Empowering Birth blog, an informed consent roleplay. Has anyone ever used this with a class? It seems like a great idea to get people prepared to actually advocate for themselves - it's easy to talk about it beforehand, and harder to actually do in the moment.

And another link from Enjoy Birth about choosing hospitals wisely.

A dad talks about his thoughts on breastfeeding.

At Guerilla Mama Medicine, HUGELY important questions and thoughts about race and the natural childbirth movement.

An article from RH Reality Check about The Doula Project, which provides doulas for women who are having abortions and who are relinquishing their babies for adoption. I'm proud to say that I know one of the co-founders, Lauren Mitchell, who has an awesome quote in the piece: "You can't speak for your client, even if what's going on is the opposite of what she wanted - you're not in control of the room. But you are in control of what you are giving your client, and that is an informed ally and a deeply empathetic presence. When you're a doula you have to acknowledge how to be 'human' even when you want to be more than that. What keeps me going is the feedback from the clients that the space that I've created for them is unique and extremely important." If I end up back in NYC I would LOVE to volunteer with them!

From Birth Sense, thoughts about manual rotation of the fetal head. I have seen this happen once, and it was very effective - baby went from making very little progress with pushes, to crowning within minutes. But the midwife writing the article reminds us that it's also extremely important to move the mother!

I've also been enjoying Birth Sense's series, "Your Doctor or Midwife Still Does WHAT?" Here's a sample: #5, Cervical Exams. Reading expectant mothers' blogs I come across so many sighing with frustration that they're still not dilated at all, when is this baby going to come, etc. etc. Since there are very few actual medical reasons to do a cervical exam, it starts to seem like a highly effective method of psychological priming for induction.

Navelgazing Midwife did a great series of photo posts called "Teachable Moments" about placentas, vernix, trailing membranes, etc. Here's a great one on being born in the caul. I guess I should put in a disclaimer that these photos involve vaginas and birth fluids and stuff like that, although I have such a high tolerance at this point I have to remind myself that somebody else might need a warning.

That's all for now - off to watch me some Olympics!


Cherylyn said...

Thank you so much for sharing these! I love reading more things about birth. The link to the informed consent roleplay isn't working. It takes me to a page that says it doesn't exist.

Rebecca said...

Hi Cherylyn!

Glad you enjoy them! Thanks for telling me about the link - I fixed it, so give it another shot.