Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Linky goodness: to VBAC or not to VBAC, birth videos, and more!

Time to clear out the starred posts in my blog reader! Sorry, some of them are a few weeks old but of course, still great:

Robin Marty of RH Reality Check on the many reasons she's choosing an elective repeat c-section over a VBAC attempt.

Birth Sense introduces you to the handsome, charming Dr. Justin Case.

Video of baby born in the caul, via Homebirth: A Midwife Mutiny.

Video of frank breech home birth via Gloria Lemay.

Dou-la-la channels Don Draper in explaining why those nice formula companies are so darned excited about breastfeeding.

Why African Babies Don't Cry, via Blacktating.

Mom's Tinfoil Hat linked to a post on abortion and parental notification laws that, very sadly, is no longer up (the author decided to make posts about her work private - I struggle with walking the same line, and totally understand). However, you can still read an excerpt and a long comment from the author in MomTFH's post.

Not birth-related, but something that really touched me to see today: Dan Savage's It Gets Better Project: a collection of videos of adults telling gay teenagers that high school ends and their lives will improve. Read an interview with Dan Savage here, including the reason he decided to start this project.


WiseWoman said...

Thanks so much for linking to me Rebecca. This is a pretty diversified list of reading possibilities...I'm happy to be included. Gloria Lemay, Vancouver BC

MomTFH said...

Thanks for the link! I am debating removing the post and her comment along with it from my blog, since she made the decision to remove it from her blog. But, I am stalling on it since it is such a good post. Sigh. She knows it's there and hasn't asked me to remove it, but I am pretty sure she would want me to.

Rebecca said...

@Gloria: You're welcome!

@MomTFH: You're also welcome! Maybe you could ask her whether it bothers her to have your post still up? It was really such an amazing post and I learned so much from it. It would be sad to have the last trace of it removed from your blog, but understandable if that is what she wants.

It is hard to walk the line with all this stuff from work, I know you walk it too. What I see and hear as a doula/lactation person/concerned friend/etc. shape so much of how I think but yet I can't share some of the most important stories for confidentiality reasons. I do my best to anonymize, alter the details, combine stories, timeshift, etc. but some situations are so particular that there's just no way to do it. There's an emergency c/s that happened recently that I would love to be able to write about and mull over with others but there's no way I can.

Sorry, this just started me thinking about all of this confidentiality dance we do...