Saturday, September 4, 2010

Score another one for the big babies!

I haven't had a lot of doula/birthy posts lately, probably not enough to justify the name of this blog! That's in part because I hadn't been to any births recently. But the past few weeks I've been waiting on two births, due about a week apart but of course delivered only about 24 hours apart. So it's been busy!

The second labor was definitely another score for the big babies. Fast labor, basically no pushing - more breathing the baby down while trying NOT to push (I was a little concerned baby might be born in the car, but I have yet to hit that doula milestone!) - and fast delivery. Well over nine pounds! The midwife said the shoulders were a little sticky but because mom was already on hands and knees (which she chose instinctively for labor and pushing), it all went very smoothly.

Let me say it again: Big babies can be born vaginally! They can be born quickly! They can be born easily! Don't trust scare tactics about a big baby - read the research, and hear the positive stories.

So now I am coming down off my post-two-births high and thankful to go off call for a little while. I know I'll start jonesing to attend another birth soon!

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