Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Link party! CBACs, Fulbrights, and bras

I am on the road! Excited to be traveling to a favorite city to help with and attend the wedding of a great friend. I have several posts in the "What every doula should know about breastfeeding" series in progress, but I don't know how much work I'll get done on them in the next week. So in the meantime, a few links!

A planned, empowered, and enjoyable CBAC story (by a mother who had already had one c-section and a VBAC). "I will never forget these moments. Ever. They were beyond perfect. At last a very beautiful, calm and positive birth experience. I felt fully supported, I felt my son and I were in good hands. My husband and I were respected, and the birth truly was a celebration."

A step-by-step guide for applying for a Fulbright. I am so proud of my sister who has a Fulbright next year to study sustainable agriculture in west Africa! Have you ever thought about wanting to research issues related to reproductive health or other related issues in another country? A Fulbright can fund you for a year, on huge range of research topics!

I've been getting into some different bra blogs lately! They are written by women who have "unusual" sizes (in quotes because it's not unusual for women to BE these sizes, it's just unusual for them to KNOW they are these sizes). This is a great post on how many women are fitted poorly into bras and how the many different shapes and sizes that we come in are not respected:"The War on Plus Four": "...for some women, the fact that they might need a 30 or even 28 band and a significantly larger cup might seem like an alien concept as we generally have it drummed into us that a 32 is the smallest band available, and anything below this should be considered a ‘specialist’ size. Or an ‘awkward’/'odd’ size (I’ve heard it described as such and everything in-between). Even the idea that going down a band size (or even multiple sizes) makes people shudder. "

That's all for now!

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