Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Post-Labor Day link party

Back from another trip and about to work...a lot. I know my latest posts have been sporadic and all link parties. I am sorry! More actual content is coming! While traveling, my lovely smartphone (got it in February and just seem to find more and more uses for it!) has helped me keep updated on reading. Here are some links while I'm catching up with the rest of life:

- Erykah Badu is a doula and wants to become a midwife. I read this one flipping through People magazine in an airport kiosk. Just seeing the word DOULA printed huge in a headline in People magazine made me all excited! The article itself, unfortunately, did not do the greatest job of accurately representing what a doula is/does. Someone reading it would come away with the distinct impression that doulas are 1) definitely only for mothers who want unmedicated births, 2) possibly only for mothers who use midwives, and 3) deliver babies (people are ALWAYS saying "oh, you deliver babies!" No, I do not! The midwife or doctor does! I just support the family.) But hopefully this will get more people aware of doulas and more accurate education can follow. And - Erykah Badoula? How great is that?

- JAMA publishes an article on "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender–Related Content in Undergraduate Medical Education", and I am proud to say I know one of the authors! Via Bellies and Babies, some waterbirth videos for the birth video addict!

- PhD in Parenting on Evenflo's quick transition from Code supporter, to a marketer that emphasizes pumping and bottle feeding as superior (and less icky and embarrassing, of course!) than direct breastfeeding. Depressing, but Evenflo's Facebook update today shows that the attention has gotten them to take one of the offending videos down.

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