Thursday, January 21, 2010

Contest closing in two days! And a question.

Don't forget to submit your ideas for the What to Expect When They're Making a Movie Contest! I've decided to close the contest on Saturday evening, and name a winner by Monday. So if you've been brainstorming, or letting your subconscious work on it, get your idea(s) into a comment soon - you could win a copy of Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy and Birth!

In the meantime, a question: some pregnant women sign up to get regular "pregnancy update" e-mails from services like this from American Pregnancy, or this from Lamaze. They have information about the baby's growth, tips for discomforts of pregnancy at that stage, links to more information, etc. Does anyone know of anything similar for breastfeeding, with regular updates and links to common concerns/info for that age? (Like why a 4-month-old might want to nurse all night, or tips for starting solids at 6 months). Anything out there?


Dou-la-la said...

No, I don't - but that's a stroke of genius! You should totally start one!!! OMG. That would be so great. Some of those pregnancy update sites also have a variety of tickers available - they're really popular on blogs and message boards. Your breastfeeding update site should have breastfeeding tickers available too! What a positive way to promote nursing. If you don't do it I WILL! Or I'll help you, either way!

Rebecca said...

It seems like such a simple idea I figured someone must have thought of it already! There do seem to be some cute breastfeeding tickers out there, that would be fun :-) Well, if no one can suggest an e-mail and investigations don't turn up, it would be fun to work on one!