Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm on a (posting) roll! Midwives posting their stats for the world to see

Apparently I'm on a posting roll tonight...

Did you know that CBS Midwifery in Manhattan posts all their stats for the previous year? An excerpt from 2009's:

Vaginal deliveries 80 = 88%

Normal spontaneous vaginal 76= 95%

Vacuum extraction 4 = 5%

Vaginal births after previous C/S 8 successful out of 9 attempts = 88%

Furthermore, they deliver babies at the in-hospital birth center at St. Luke's Roosevelt. A common complaint I have heard from doulas is that their clients expect to use the birth center, and are either risked out before labor ever begins, and sometimes during labor and then they are sent to L&D. Or they get there and are told the birth center is full. So I liked even more that the midwives make that piece transparent too:

Women who wanted Birth Center and were eligible at term = 68

43 - delivered Birth Center = 63%

24 - Transferred to Labor & Delivery in labor = 35%

1- Birth Center full- had to deliver on L&D = 2%

They also provide stats on degrees of perineal trauma, meds, reasons for c-sections...
Imagine if every practice did this! How amazing would it be to be able to compare this information when looking for a care provider?

What are practices out there that you know of that make some or most of their stats available to consumers?

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