Thursday, July 22, 2010

LC Exam minus 3

ACOG lessens (kinda) restrictions on VBACS, stories are written on shackling during labor, and posts are written on the delicate balance to strike when calling out misinformation in "failed" lactation stores, and I don't have time to write about any of it because am studying for the IBCLC exam which is happening! on! Monday!

I am anxious. I am taking practice tests and reviewing flashcards. I am reviewing chapters on immunology and jaundice and developmental milestones. I am arguing with the answers on the practice tests. I am carpooling to the exam with some other test-takers and we have already plotted out our route to avoid the main highway because what if a tractor-trailer jackknifes and we are stuck in traffic and OMFG WE MISS THE TEST. As you can see, I am ready for this to be done!

So if you see me posting on this blog or anyone else's in the next few days, tell me to go back to studying! And in the meantime click the links above for some awesomeness...