Wednesday, December 15, 2010

NPH on donor milk

Two of my favorite things, Neil Patrick Harris AND donor milk - TOGETHER?!? Thanks to Kellymom's Facebook page for the link:

(And yes, it was a little crass, but I laughed out loud at Craig Ferguson's offer.)

Consider this a lead-in to my next installment on thinking about who should get donor milk. NPH mentions one of the issues mentioned in the comments on my first post, on the expense of donor milk. Even though (as a television star) he can obviously afford it for his daughter, he notes how pricey it seems.

He also is a good illustration of several potential situations to consider when we think about how to prioritize donor milk: it sounds like his daughter has some formula intolerance (although not severe), and there is no parental milk supply available (he and his partner had these babies via surrogate, although I know some surrogates provide milk for a brief or more extended period of time).

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