Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Surprise breech story

An amazing story from a classmate of the student midwife and L&D nurse At Your Cervix:

There are several nurses in the room readying for delivery. I lower the bottom of the bed, glove up and Mary hands me the amniohook. Nice hard vertex presentation, large bulging bag, just a bit of an anterior lip, then AROM, and clear fluid. It was going to be easy. Ana bears down, my fingers still in. But… something is just not quite right, palpate around, what is that at 3 o’clock? Lips? Nope. Ear? No. Scrotom? Yep!
I glance over to Mary and in a remarkably calm voice, say:

“Glove up”

“Huh?” says she.

By this time Mary is taking in the rather “unable to ignore” saucer- sized eyes that I’m exhibiting.

“We’re breech”

Read the rest here.

And if you have thoughts about who should get donor milk, or ideas for Blessingways, I am still happily welcoming comments on either!

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Angela said...

Shared on Facebook - should be required reading for anyone assisting births!