Friday, December 31, 2010

Popular posts of 2010

I've seen several other bloggers do this in the last couple days, and it seemed like a fun idea! Below some of the posts I wrote this year that stirred discussion, links, and pageviews:

What to Expect When They're Making a Movie" Wow, this seems so long ago it's hard to believe it happened in 2010! Inspired by the news that the much-reviled "What to Expect When You're Expecting" was being made into a movie, I hosted a contest for the plot that would best represent the spirit of the book. Read the winning entry here.

Is it wrong to talk about the public health importance of breastfeeding? was by far one of my most commented and linked posts this year. After the Pediatrics article was published in which the authors estimated the financial and infant mortality costs of not breastfeeding, there were a number of online and offline commentators talking snidely about how this was just another guilt trip that the "breastfeeding bullies" were laying on women. I saw things just a little bit differently.

Los dos and an awesome new campaign discussed how I struggle with the mother's desire to do "los dos" - both breast and bottle - when working with Hispanic families. Its companion post Volumes - a huge problem discussed one of the reasons why this becomes so problematic.

Which growth chart to use seems to have gotten a lot of linkage as people learn more about the recommendation that breastfed babies be measured on the new WHO charts.

And people seem to be finding my series on Choosing and getting into MPH programs helpful. Final installment coming soon! (I swear!)

Notice a theme? First training and now working as an IBCLC, my posts this year have more and more tended towards topics around breastfeeding. It's just what I'm thinking and reading about most of my work-related time these days. Between work and travel, I haven't been able to take any doula clients since September although I'm hoping to have several this spring, so I've been getting out of a birth sphere of thinking. Being out of school, and in direct clinical practice, has also drawn away some of my focus on public health. I've started to feel like "Public Health Doula" is a bit of a misnomer for this blog, although I can't think of anything better at the moment! We'll see what 2011 holds for my career and for my posts. Have a Happy New Year!

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