Friday, September 4, 2009

Labor Day weekend links

School has come upon me with a vengeance! I'm hoping to keep up posting regularly but it may not be as frequent. To clear out my Google Reader "starred items" again, a link post. My apologies - some of these links are reeeeally old:

Sacrifice, Feminism, and Parenting She wades through reflections on Sears & Sears and attachment parenting, making good points, to get to what I think it a very good point: Breastfeeding and other AP practices may be a sacrifice for some women. As a parent you don't have to use any of these practices, but you are going to have to sacrifice for your children in various ways. What we really need to do is make sure that the sacrificing does not fall unequally on women, and that we form communities to alleviate it as much as possible. (Not sure how I feel about her other solution of trying to get men to lactate - not that I'm opposed to people doing research into whether it's feasible on a wide scale, just not sure that what little evidence exists supports this possibility.) (Edit: although apparently one Swedish man is giving it a go.)

The National Association for Pregnant Women responds to the American Life League's claims that no, really, "personhood" measures WON'T hurt pregnant women: "Although current law does not in fact permit courts or prosecutors to substitute their judgment for that of pregnant women, "Personhood" Measures would change that. These measures would permit courts, as a routine matter: to appoint lawyers for the unborn, to force pregnant women and their families to participate in emergency court hearings, and then to decide for them what is best for the baby."

Reality Rounds writes about why she chose midwifery care for her birth. She talks about how wonderful it was to form a relationship with her care providers that has transitioned past birth into well-woman care. In the comments, several people talked about feeling disappointed with their midwives. I replied, and say again, that you can be a jerk and still pass all the classes and clinical requirements to become a CNM, MD, RN, or really almost any career under the sun. There is no "nice" test. But I do feel that generally midwifery care attracts and promotes the type of caring that does prize good relationships and patient-centered care.

Birth is Not a Spectator Sport. Amen! How many times have I walked into a room to see the mother in bed writhing through a contraction, with her whole family lined up along the side of the room staring at her? I hate how hospital rooms are set up so that when you sit in the chairs provided, you are too far from the mom to touch her. I always grab a rolling stool if there's one around so I can scoot right up to her bedside, and try to get other people to come in closer as well. Even when I'm not needed (for a mom with an epidural, for example, who is resting) I try not to make her feel like a watched pot...or worse, a watched television (as people stare avidly at contraction monitors, ignoring the person who is having contractions).

Why routine vaginal checks at the end of pregnancy? Too many people's attitude is "Why not?" I agree with Nicole...skip this routine!

Did you know that I'm in love with Sarah Haskins? Well I am, and if you watch her "Target: Women" segments you will be too.

Off to my weekend. I have my first volunteer doula client of the semester, and while I doubt she'll go into labor over the weekend you never know! (Imagine the jokes that must fly when you arrive at the hospital on Labor Day.) In the meantime I will be trying to finish the last of my unpacking and organizing, and diving into work for my assistantship. Hopefully there will also be time for barbecue and sitting by the pool, because what's Labor Day weekend without a last taste of summer?


Dou-la-la said...

What a nice smorgasbord of great reads! Thanks for these. Enjoy that Labor Day . . . and that labor day, should the mama happen to go for it!

Rebecca said...

And she did! (One day before Labor Day, so she skipped the jokes.) Hope you have a great weekend as well!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. I will definitely have to add you to my personal blog roll. Good luck with that public health degree!!

Rebecca said...

Thanks Nicole!