Thursday, September 17, 2009

Where to find conferences?

My school has some travel awards and I'd like to use one before I graduate! I've been thinking about putting together a poster of my undergraduate thesis research (lo, those many years ago!) and seeing if I can be a presenter somewhere. Does anyone know of a centralized listing of birth and/or breastfeeding-related conferences? (There would need to be at least some breastfeeding.) Wish I could go to the International Breech Birth Conference but it's too soon (and hard to find a reason to present there with a poster on WIC clients' views on breastfeeding).


Dou-la-la said...

I can't think of a centralized listing, but do you know about the CAPPA conference?

Looks like they are seeking speakers, too. You'd be great! Hope it's not happening too far in the future to be useful.

Sheridan said...

Trust Birth Conference was pretty great there is another one coming up spring of 2010.

Anonymous said...

This may be a good fit for you:

I am thinking of submitting something...but it's due in under three weeks!

publichealthdoula said...

Thanks for the suggestions!! I will look through them and start thinking about putting together a poster.