Sunday, September 20, 2009

More book recs on what to read for pregnancy, birth, and beyond

I really enjoyed this post from Bellies and Babies on what to read and what not to read when you're expecting. (Sneak peek: definitely NOT What to Expect When You're Expecting"). She also breaks her "to-read" suggestions down into 3 categories: Citizen ("for the average Joanne), "Seeker" ("for the one who is definitely looking into her options"), and "Sold" ("she knows, she has researched, she is a proactive consumer"). Her recommendations are right on, too - for example, the Sears & Sears Pregnancy Book is a good "Citizen" read but the Birth Book is more for the "Seeker".

Ultimately my goal is to have a really great "doula library" of books that I can lend out to clients, and send out to friends, who are at any of those "levels". Her recommendations have definitely added some titles to my wish list!


Dou-la-la said...

Great find! I, too, am constantly nurturing my doula-library garden. ("What to Expect" is in there, but it's in the form of fertilizer. Or compost, perhaps.)

publichealthdoula said...

Ha - yes, that's right where "What to Expect" belongs.