Friday, September 25, 2009

Sen. Stabenow to Sen. Kyl: Oh SNAP!

United States Senator John Kyl (R. - Ariz) said in health care reform hearings: "I don't need maternity care", so health care reform should not require insurance companies to provide it.

Senator Debbie Stabenow (D. - Mich) fires back: "I think your mom probably did."

(Via Feministing.)

Sen. Kyl then snorts "Yeah, about 60 years ago." Perhaps someone should also show him the evidence that prenatal (AND preconception) health of the mother have impacts on the health of her baby, decades into the future. Or is that just an "I got mine" statement?

If we pass health care reform that does not mandate maternity coverage, we're not getting true health care reform.


Jill--Unnecesarean said...

That might be the only "yo mama" comment I'm okay with.

publichealthdoula said...

It really was the ultimate "yo mama"!