Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year & links party! ...of randomness

Culled at will from my starred posts in Google Reader...there are so many. So, so many.

* I loved this post about A day in the life of breastfeeding support and promotion in public health. Pretty much exactly what I would love to end up doing someday (maybe with a little bit more clinical work mixed in).

* Interested in going for a career in international health or international development? Here are the bare bones of prepping for an international career. (Office work - who'd have thunk?)

* My friend Mollie (remember her?) did a great and long round-up of breastfeeding on TV and in the media. Love that pop culture knowledge!

* How about a beautiful homebirth transfer and CBAC story.

* The Well-Rounded Mama has been doing an awesome Plus-sized breastfeeding photo gallery. Please view, and submit a photo if you can! What a great resource when so many of the breastfeeding photos we see do not show the full spectrum of real moms' bodies.

* Rixa at Stand and Deliver posted an amazing series of recaps from the International Breech Conference. (Am I the only doula who reads these with the thought in the back of my mind that you never know when a mom is going to deliver precipitously at home, and surprise breeches do happen? I would never, ever, EVER try to deliver a breech baby, or think I knew anything substantive about doing it from reading a series of blog posts. But in an emergency with a baby emerging feet-first and no first responders there yet, I would want to be able to communicate effectively with the emergency responders on the phone, and understand what was happening and what could make things better or worse.)

* If you work in public health/development you quickly learn from people who are up close to these issues that orphanages in developing countries are problematic, and orphanage tourism? Really, really problematic. Don't do it.