Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Opportunities for doula work internationally?

It's ask-the-readers time! I recently got this e-mail from Leila:
I live in the Boston area and am currently in the process of becoming a doula. I also plan on getting my masters in public health soon after I finish college. Your blog brings me lot of hope and excitement as I wet my feet in the field of public health! Maybe you can offer me some advice- I'm trying to find ways of working/volunteering as a doula somewhere in the Third World and I can't find anything! Do you have ideas or know of organizations I could look into that might offer such positions?
I had only one or two possible leads, and I have heard similar inquires in the past and not really known where to send people then either. Does anyone out there have suggestions for her?


mamapoekie said...

I know motherwitdoula has had a project in madagascar.

Anonymous said...

Not quite third world, but quite a few American doulas volunteer for a group in Tel Aviv, Israel, that works with Sudanese, Eritrean, Ethiopian etc refugees who have been smuggled reciently over the border through Egypt. They are often raped along the way by their Bedouin guides, as payment. They are often status-less or waiting for immigration to sort out the mess, and in the mean time are giving birth without money, or language, or family. The organization I've become involved with helps with childbirth education, as well as birth and (slightly more difficult) abortion doula support. Contact me if you're interested in finding out more. sarahvine.wordpress.com

BirthJunky said...

hi there, i volunteered as a doula in the dominican republic with Proyecto Adames (http://www.proyectoadames.org/). I unfortunately could only go for 1 week - i suggest at least two weeks if you go. best of luck!

sarah said...

Beautiful birth center in Bali where I'm trying to volunteer: http://www.bumisehatbali.org/

Midwife International said...

Hi there!

I see that this post is from 2010 but I thought I'd share some information with you and whoever else is interested about an amazing midwifery program that is international.

Midwife International partners with established clinics and professional midwives to provide leadership and midwifery training opportunities abroad.

Please visit our website at http://midwifeinternational.org/ for more information. Thank you!!!

Julie G said...

I see that this post is a bit old, but I thought I'd share the fact that there is a booming arena for doulas in South Africa. Yes, it is a middle-income country, but a lot of room for growth working with women with little access to antenatal, intrapartum, and postpartum care (or you can work in an environment that has an abundance of resources). I am currently a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer working with maternal and newborn care initiatives, which proved to be a helpful entry point to becoming a doula. I trained here and have attended some births in the public hospitals. I hope this helps you globetrotting doulas out there!